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To Our Guests

We thank you deeply for your patronage, time and support over the years. It's been our great pleasure to serve your video production needs. Unfortunately, as with all things, eventually a time comes where they must end, and for us at Zibi Video, that time is now.

Effective Jan 01, 2014, we are no longer accepting service requests. The site will be remaining online for a time while we wrap up our operations to serve as a point of contact for our clients and friends.

Again, thank you very much for letting us at Zibi Video, LLC serve your video production needs!

ZIBI Video, LLC, is an experienced, award-winning video production company dedicated to the proposition that all video needs are not created equal, and therefore we are committed to providing you with high quality video services and solutions at a very reasonable cost. Really.

Video is the medium of the twenty-first century and it's everywhere. Today, exhibiting video on your Web site is just as important and beneficial as having a Web site in the first place.

While ZIBI Video's primary focus is on content production - programs for television, TV commercials, video for corporate, industrial and educational use - we also excel at associated services such as DVD design and authoring.

No matter what your video needs - from simple to complex - you owe it to yourself to give ZIBI Video a call. After all, it's our business to make you look good!

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